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Carla Jewell

Hello! My name is Carla Jewell. I teach elementary to intermediate level piano.

I am comfortable working with students of all ages 6 years and above, but I am especially good with children. I’ve studied piano privately from the age of 8 through high school and then furthered my music education at George Mason University.

In addition to being a choral accompanist, I have served as a church pianist for many years.

I have been teaching piano for the past 25 years.I believe piano lessons should be fun! I encourage students to identify their personal music goals and help them achieve those goals. Students will be encouraged to incorporate some pieces of their choosing into their music study. Each lesson consists of learning and reinforcing basic music skills, including theory, chord recognition, and sight-reading and will eventually include improvisation, harmonization and transposition. I place a strong emphasis on chord recognition and the ability to sight-read.

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