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Dawnn Fletcher

I absolutely love teaching music. I have experience teaching children as young as 6 and adults age 55. I have 16 years of experience playing music. The instruments I have experience playing are violin, viola, cello and piano. I have been teaching for 7 years. In 2013 I received my Bachelors Degree in Instrumental Music and Music Theory from Bluefield College. I have played for the Rappahannock Youth Symphony and the Bluefield College Orchestra and I have in duets and trios with members of the Roanoke Symphony. I live in Virginia and have played for local wineries, art museums and restaurants; I also play weddings, dinner parties and private events.
I enjoy playing music, because music echoes the soul and releases the mind. Everyone may speak a different language, but all musicians speak the same language of notes and rhythm. I have always enjoyed playing string instruments, because they are so powerful.

*** Lesson Details ***
My lessons are tailored to the needs and interests of each student. If a student is involved in school music ensembles, we will work with their lesson books from school in addition to material outside of the books, including Essential Elements 2000, and teacher-created materials. We will focus on building proper tone production, individual technique and posture – something that often is difficult to learn in a large ensemble setting.

I can start a beginner student on any classical string instrument (violin, viola, cello). I can begin a student and work with them through their all levels of method books. For advanced students, I work from selected etude books on developing advanced skills and can work with students on audition pieces for honors bands/orchestras or college auditions and specialized magnet schools.

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