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John Jewell

Hello, my name is John Jewell and I teach voice, guitar, bass guitar, and mandolin.

I am primarily comfortable with teaching guitar to beginning to intermediate students. My focus is to make sure that they really understand the basics of music theory, and the fundamentals of great guitar playing. My goal is to make it fun and tailored to the individual students needs, not just to rush though a guitar book for the sake of saying that we completed it without the student really learning how to play the instrument properly.

As a voice instructor/coach I spend considerable amounts of time explaining and demonstrating how the human voice actually works. I am comfortable working with beginning to advanced students. My goals for my students are to build a solid core to sing from, create the space they need to bring their voice to life, and build the confidence they may need to sing properly. I spend a lot of time on pitch, breathing, and phrasing, and developing “command and control” of their voice.

I was born and raised in the Washington DC area. I began to develop a love for music at 5 years old when I studied piano under the renowned Gene Prather. At 8, I found the guitar and in my early teens studied under the internationally known Sophocles Pappas, who in turn studied with the legendary Andres Segovia. A little later in life I studied voice under Madam Valdez who was my mother’s vocal instructor.

Additionally for 11 years I was an independent recording engineer and producer and regularly worked in Nashville with some of the finest musicians in the record industry, and for five years was the official recording engineer for the Castelton Festival.

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